Thursday, March 01, 2007


I've followed Anna Nicole's life since I was a teenager in my early college years. She's gone from centerfold to the Supreme Court. Even in her death, her life has been a legal circus.

She battled for millions of dollars all the way to the Supreme Court. Millions that were left by her husband who met her while she was shaking it at a strip club and who was approaching 90 years old. She has a baby and loses her only son days later. She gets in a custody battle over paternity. She dies from suspicious causes. Her affiliates fight for the body on national TV. Everyone wants to know, "who's your daddy?" Her mom appeals to get the body. Billy Smith wants to exhume Daniel. Weeks later, Anna is not buried. Years later, this will still be in the courts.

However when it is all said and done law professors will have plenty of new fact patterns and court interpretations to challenge their students, because these events have been a lesson in judicial procedures for the world to see.

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